The difference between an OnlyFans agency and a manager

The difference between an OnlyFans agency and a manager

You think an OnlyFans agency and an OnlyFans manager are the same thing? Then you’ve got it all wrong!

In this article we go over the differences between an OnlyFans agency and an OnlyFans manager.


In OnlyFans, more and more creators are choosing to work with agencies. However, some creators also decide to work with an OnlyFans manager. Both have their individual advantages. In principle, an agency differs from a manager as follows:

OnlyFans Agency - OnlyFans Manager - Marketing para OnlyFans

If you work with an OnlyFans manager, you are usually very much in focus. The manager only has you and at most 1 other model. The OnlyFans manager usually takes over the management of your account, posting and chatting. You still create your photos, videos and posts yourself, and you may also have to do things like chatting. You may also have to do all the marketing.

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With an OnlyFans agency, you usually have a whole team behind you. Chatters, promoters, account managers, marketing professionals, etc.  They all support you in increasing your reach and using it properly. This includes your account, but also the content. The agency not only takes care of posting on OnlyFans. It also takes care of your social media presence on other social media platforms such as Twitter or Instagram. As a rule, the agency also takes care of marketing on platforms such as Twitter and Reddit.


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