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Case Study about Anastasiya who we helped from around $80.000 a month to around $124.000 consistently a month, while she has to invest nearly no time anymore and can enjoy her Lifestyle.

Large Account –
Anastasiya (18)

Before Cooperating

What we've implemented

SUCCESSES For Anastasiya

Case Study Anastasiya - OnlyFans Management

Some numbers
about velvet

Revenue increased

Monthly revnue

30 - 60 minutes
time investment per day

What Anastasiya Says:

By the time I joined Fan Venture, my account was already making a around 80k a month. Before I started with OnlyFans, I’ve established myself as an influencer on Instagram and Tikok. I had around 150.000 Followers on IG at that time.

I had really underestimated how much time I needed to spend on account management, content production and Fan interaction, without neglect my loved ones and my own free time. I’ve spent like 10 hours a day on the phone, and i still couldn’t finish all tasks. This was why I was looking for a full service agency to manage my account. A friend of mine which has around 300.000 Followers on IG and makes $200.000 per month, recommended and introduced me to Fan Venture. In my first Call with the CEO Marc and my Account Manager Clarissa i couldn’t believed them, when they said to me that they will increase my revenue while i can cut down my work from 10 hours a day down to 1-2 hours. 

I decided to give Fan Venture a shot and within the first three days i already recognised the changes and the improvements.

Starting out, one of my biggest fears was that my account would lack the personality which the chatters display in the dms and that I would look like a roboter. Fortunately, the Fan Ventures professionalism and dedication to working with me and my brand has proven this fear to be hot air. The response time of the Chatters is especially quick, I think my community health is better than ever, and I can sleep easily, because i know i will earn a very good amount even if i do not work :))

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